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Law Office of Joel P. Brown, P.C.

Will County, Illinois Criminal Defense Attorneys

Joliet, Illinois Criminal Defense Attorneys

Aggressive Criminal Defense Lawyers Serving Plainfield, Bolingbrook, Will County, and Northern Illinois

When you are facing criminal charges, you need quality legal representation. The attorney you choose can have a dramatic impact on the outcome of your case and, therefore, the rest of your life. With thousands of lawyers and law firms in the greater Chicago region, selecting the right attorney may seem overwhelming. At the Law Office of Joel P. Brown, P.C., we believe that a criminal defense attorney should be smart, aggressive, and willing to stand up and fight on your behalf from the moment you are arrested all the way through a courtroom trial. That is what we offer, and that is what you will get when you choose our firm.

Our skilled attorneys are ready to help when you are facing charges related to:

Call 815-215-8208 for Will County Defense Attorneys

If you are charged with a crime, it can be frightening, especially if you have never dealt with the court system before. Far too often, a criminal defendant will wait too long to contact a lawyer or will reach out to an attorney who lacks the knowledge and skill to properly handle the case in question. At the Law Office of Joel P. Brown, P.C., our criminal defense team is led by Attorney Joel P. Brown. Mr. Brown is a former prosecutor who served for more than five years in the Will County State's Attorney's office. During his career, he has handled thousands of criminal cases from both sides of the courtroom. Mr. Brown and our staff are prepared to help you immediately.

Joliet traffic violation law firm

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Dedicated Joliet Criminal Law Firm

Attorney Joel P. Brown bases his practice on the concept that every individual deserves quality representation when facing a difficult legal matter. This ideal extends to those contending with criminal charges of all kinds. While we understand that some cases are best handled by negotiating with prosecutors and law enforcement, we are equipped to take your matter into the courtroom, aggressively defending you at every stage of the legal process. To learn more about our firm and how we may be able to help with your case, contact our Joliet office. Call 815-215-8208 to schedule your free consultation at the Law Office of Joel P. Brown, P.C. today.

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